Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Q: How does a door open and close?

Answer Man says:

Somethin beside the door and it has a wire sticking into the door
and when people open the door the wire opens it. That's how the people that work for the cars make the cars made of wires and pipes you put gas in like the gas station and sometimes they use lights to learn to put the stuff in.
And sometimes you stuff tools, sometimes they make the seats first, sometimes they make the legs first, sometimes they make the insides first and then the outside second, and they do the steering wheel last.

How did you learn so much about manufacturing cars?

Because when I was a baby you would take me to the car station and I could see through your belly. I'd make my eyes stick out. You didn't see me looking out. I saw the reflection through your shirt. When I was a baby I saw a reflection through your shirt. It had people working with our car. They made it all... together. You guys were looking at the mechanics fixing up the cars that crashed. And how to fix it.

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