Monday, 28 February 2011

Q: How fast can a dog run?

Answer Man says:

Sooooo fast. Faster than a person. But I can run faster than a dog. Yeah because I'm lightning fast. I'm like the flash. Because flash runs fast so I'm the flash. Next Halloween I'm going to be Batman and I'm going to fly around. Then when I to come to the house I go get candy. Because batman doesn't like talking loudly.

If you're Batman can I be Robin?

Okay. Because Robin has this kind of hair. I might be Robin. Batman doesn't have that kind of hair or that kind of hair. Batman has a mask. He doesn't have ears on the side he has ears like a rabbit. maybe I will call him batman rabbit.

Or Rabbitman?

No I will call him Batman Rabbit. Because he's Batman and he has ears sticking out so I will call him Batman Rabbit.